Eyes on the Road – Florida

I recently participated in a “best practices” road tour of Florida to visit Optometric practices and Optical manufacturers and Distributers.  Our goal was to share, observe, and discuss practices that fellow optometrists and industry leaders follow that make their practices successful.

We gathered 5 doctors from across the country who have various practice strengths. We started in Jacksonville, Florida and visited Johnson and Johnson Vision Care.  The home of Acuvue® brand contact lenses. They met with us and shared their new optometric acquisitions.  The recently acquired Tear Science® (a dry eye product company who makes Lipiflow), Sight box® (a contact lens subscription model), and Abbott (makers of Blink®eye drops and Revitalens® solution).  We then visited 3 optometric practices.  We toured their offices, talked to their staffs and shared ideas on marketing, patient flow, diagnostic and treatment options.

We then drove to Coral Springs, FL and visited with ABB Optical Company.  They are a contact lens distributor.  They invited us to tour their impressive warehouse and distribution center.  Their processes were incredible.  They have a very low error rate on product shipping.  They consistently review and re-evaluate their processes.  Together we met and discussed the changes and disruptions in the marketplace and the direction the industry is going forward.

We then ended our tour in Key West.  We had a little fun touring the island the first night and then we sat down and discussed our findings. We created a plan going forward to; implement some changes in our offices, shared our findings with our colleagues, and prepared a report to share at our national meeting in November.  We can always learn from each other!

Torrey Carlson