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Clarifye Eye Exams—Next Generation Eye Care—For Those That Care

The Clarifye digital eye exam is so precise; it maps the curvature of your cornea to give your doctor a digital fingerprint of your eye. It pinpoints the small changes that can occur in your eyes over time and even reveals the differences you have between your day and night vision needs.

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Out with the old. In with the new.

You know the old way with those dreaded test lens questions, “Which is better? One, or two?” And you think, “This must be important. What if I get it wrong? Wait! Let me see number one again!” Seriously, is this still how we do eye exams, by trial and error?

The answer is not anymore.

Meet Clarifye, whose initial measurement is so precise it helps reduce the guesswork of “which is better?”

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Clarifye facts:

  • A whole new way to get your eyes checked
  • No other eye exam is more precise
  • Clarifye is exclusive to LensCrafters
  • A most comprehensive understanding of your eye health and vision
  • Combines advanced digital technology with the personalized touch of skilled optometrists.

With Clarifye we are able to map the unique “fingerprint” of your eyes with digital precision, to pinpoint the prescription you need to see your best.

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How is Clarifye used?

Eye doctors use advanced digital eye exam technology to map your eye and the determine your vision prescription for glasses or contacts with incredible accuracy. During your eye exam, we do a comprehensive assessment of you eye health. Clarifye helps identify conditions such as corneal disease, cataracts, and other health issues, even earlier than other diagnostic tools, so we can protect your precious sight with preventative eye care. With the information from Clarifye, we can correct for common night vision issues like glare, starbursts and halos around on-coming headlights, making night driving safer and less stressful for your eyes. The Multi-faceted Eye Exam System: Zeiss’s Vision Profiler is a 5 in 1 diagnostic and refractive instrument. Clarifye provides digital eye charts with sharper edges and more uniform brightness. The Clarifye lens Profiler measures your glasses lenses to compare your former and current prescriptions. Clarifye is more accurate and elegant than the standard model One on One with skilled Optometrists:

clarifye-examinationClarifye at Dr. Carlson and Associates

We will review your Clarifye results together with you, viewing the advanced digital images of your eye for a comprehensive assessment of your eye health and vision. As your eye doctors, we will provide a digitally precise prescription, advise you about your eyewear and lenses that are customized for your lifestyle needs, and recommend important steps you should take to protect your sight long term.

Clarifye®: A State of the art, digital eye exam that includes a high definition health scan of your eyes.


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