Colors, Colors, Colors

You’ve thought about it long and hard; you have seen them on your friends, they are advertised in many magazines and social media apps. Now it’s finally time to step up your game and try a pair of colored contact lenses. Before you put them on, it might serve you well to prepare yourself – after all, there are three things you may not expect in the world of colored contact lenses. Let’s explore what they are!

They Move!

Seasoned contact lens wearers already know this, but if you’re trying out colored contact lenses and it’s your first-time wearing contacts ever, you’ll be surprised to experience how they feel. Remember, contact lenses should always be comfortable, and anything that causes irritation, redness, or pain should be addressed with your eye doctor. What you’ll notice most about how they feel is that they move! Look up – they move. Look left and right – they move. Now this movement isn’t significant, but it is something that takes a few days to get used to. That’s because your contacts float on the surface of your eyes, so as you look around throughout the day, your colored contact lenses will follow your gaze. If they didn’t move, they would not be able to pump moisture and oxygen underneath your contact to keep your eye healthy.

Seeing the Edge of Your Colored Contact Lens

Most people’s eyes are relatively the same size and colored contact lenses are manufactured to fit just about everyone. When you look at your lenses, you’ll notice that the colored portion only extends so far, and there’s basically an empty space in the middle which allows room for light to pass through your pupil. As we move between varying light conditions throughout the day, our pupils expand and contract. Combine this with the previously mentioned fact that colored contact lenses move around a bit, and you might go through your day while catching a glimpse of the edge. It only appears for a moment, but you’ll see the actual color of the lenses you’re wearing. It sounds weird, but you get used to it very quickly.

Your Eye Color, Your Style

Perhaps one of the biggest adjustments when you’re wearing colored contacts for the first time is getting used to how you look in the mirror! If you’ve chosen a subtle lens that isn’t too far off from your natural tone, you may get used to the new you rather quickly. However, if you’ve opted for a bold lens that’s dramatically different, prepare to be surprised every time you walk by a mirror. It’s kind of like getting used to seeing yourself with a new haircut, except the difference is in your eyes. Come on in, there are now some daily throw away contacts coming out soon from Alcon. Have fun with them!